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Design Ideas to Change the Way You Live

There are certain times each year where we are prone to reflection and goal setting. New Year’s Eve brings the inevitable resolutions, birthdays remind us of the preciousness of each year, career or personal milestones end one chapter and begin another. So, we set goals and expectations for ourselves, hoping and planning for more energy, more time to explore and create, better health and vitality, or even just the ability to detach.

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LIVE | Fashion – Designer Osman Yousefzada

“I’ve always been attracted to transformation,” designer Osman Yousefzada says casually. “When something breathes… you build an emotive relationship with it.” 

It’s been a few months since Osman journeyed to Brazil to interact with a striking home and find inspiration for his 2018 line. The dress from the end of the video played a starring role, and it is something special to Osman. “There is just this sort of ease to the dress. You know?” says Osman. “You’re still the belle of the ball or a cool thing on the red carpet, but it’s easy. It’s confident.”

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Sotheby’s Institute of Art | Why 2016 is The Year of Art Photography

This year a wealth of major exhibitions, fairs and new spaces dedicated to photography are poised to open in the United Kingdom and North America. The increased prominence of photography in the art market means more opportunities for those aspiring to careers with a art photography focus. We spoke to Sotheby’s Institute of Art – London Master’s degree faculty about what’s pushing photography to the top of the agenda in 2016.

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Sotheby’s Institute of Art | By The Numbers: Marc Newson’s Lockheed Lounge Chair

London Master’s degree students are able to tailor their studies and concentrate on preferred topics by choosing from a range of specialist elective units. Students who would like to pursue a career in the design field can take one such concentration: Contemporary Design. Drawing on the expertise of faculty and visiting lecturers, including Lis Darby – design specialist and Senior Lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute – London, students can gain a higher level of expertise in the field of contemporary design and its markets.

Here Lis explains the numbers behind the world’s most expensive chair and why contemporary design remains an alluring topic of study.

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