2021 Exclusive Report


Exclusive Report

Seattle’s booming and diverse economy has spurred unprecedented development and population growth with a clear urbanization trend.

Thanks to leading employers on the front lines of enabling essential services and work-from-home agility, Seattle weathered the COVID-19 challenges of 2020 better than many U.S. metros.

Yet as pandemic-related conditions prevailed nationwide and were not confined to our own region, Seattle’s outperformance of competing metros presents opportunities to value-seeking investors, entrepreneurs, and job-seekers.

Join us as we explore the current conditions of the Seattle Metro, and learn how our region is positioned for growth.

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Case Shiller Market Watch

A year of strong home price growth amid a shift to remote work.

Here we take an in-depth look at how the emerging work-from-home trend may reshape our communities. The Index reported that Seattle ended the year ranked second in the nation for residential price growth for an eleventh straight month. At third place, San Diego failed to close its narrowing gap with Seattle. The mix of urban, suburban, and exurban development within the MSA means that the Case-Shiller index for Seattle does not only reflect residential price trends inside the city but also prices in suburban and exurban towns beyond the city.

Homebuying demand has not fled the Greater Puget Sound: It is simply realigning with the preferences of the millions who enjoy the quality of life this region offers.

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