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Welcome to Citrone, a real estate sales partnership created for people who value exceptional marketing strategy, personalized service, and verifiable negotiation expertise.

What do we mean by “smart residential sell”?

It means we believe intelligent marketing strategy has it all over sales hype. It means we love technology and new media, but we don’t let it run the entire program. It also means we’re smart enough to have a vocabulary that goes beyond the word “luxury”.

Even better, we know people. Real people. We’ve been around the world, and collectively we have six languages and a whole lot of multi-cultural appreciation to show for it.

We’re also democratic. If our challenge is to sell a sprawling estate, we give it our all. If it’s finding a starter condominium, we’re going to give that assignment the same high-touch treatment.

  • $334M+ Total Sales Volume
  • $1.79M Avg Sales Price
  • 30 Years of Combined Expertise
  • #1 Brokers at 1521 2nd Ave
* Agent highlights are based on historical Northwest MLS inventory data and may not reflect this agent's entire sales history.


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