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Sharlane Chase is consistently recognized by her clients and peers as one Seattle’s most trusted real estate brokers. With nearly two decades in the industry, Sharlane has the instincts, expertise and connections that bring outstanding outcomes to both buyers and sellers in one of the country’s most challenging real estate markets. Sharlane’s buying clients benefit from her keen eye for construction quality and the unusually rich detail she’s able to share to help a client evaluate a property. With a true knack for diving deep into details, her analytic skills are paramount to assisting clients understand the data our team collects for buyers as they consider purchasing a property. Sharlane is one of few local real estate brokers to hold the designation of Certified Real Estate Analyst (CREA). Her capacity to provide efficient and sharp analyses of properties is one of many reasons Sharlane is sought after by many serial investors in the Puget Sound region. Sharlane’s selling clients benefit from her background in design and marketing. She flawlessly presents homes that capture a buyer’s imagination both online and in-person. Using a healthy combination of data and sheer grit, Sharlane is a gifted negotiator who obtained additional training as a Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE). All of Sharlane’s clients enjoy her confidence, collaborative spirit and consistent communication. Aligning with the trusted Sotheby’s International Realty brand and its global network was a simple choice for Sharlane. Hailing from a small town on Vancouver Island where she and her father restored classic cars together, her real estate business has often helped Canadian and other international clientele relocate to the Puget Sound region. Before real estate, Sharlane worked internationally as a photographer in Tokyo and London. This experience gave her a global perspective and shaped her ability to make connections that matter. She and her husband live with their two daughters and beloved dog, Winston, in North Seattle.
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  • $228M All-Time Sales Volume
  • $1M+ Average Sales Price
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