6 Bold Living Room Designs

By RSIR Staff |

Second only to the kitchen as the most popular room in the house (and if we’re being honest, much of that draw is hunger), the living room is where we truly love to spend our days. As the jack-of-all-trades-space, the living room ties together inspiration, relaxation, and socialization, inviting us to read, gather with friends and family, and take pause from our busy lives. Being such a draw, these oft-visited spaces deserve a bold design to complement the liveliest gathering or soothe a serene lounger.

Modern Lines and Open Air

La Jolla, California | Amber AndersonPacific Sotheby’s International Realty

Fluid is an apt way to describe this open-air home on Fairway Road in La Jolla, San Diego. A central fireplace with open shelving on either side establishes a pleasing symmetry that makes the room feel effortless. A sliding ladder is a playful touch, while glass walls slide aside for seamless access to the outdoor terrace and California sun.

Gallery Light and Inspired Art

Prague, Czech Republic | Czech Republic Sotheby’s International Realty

Sculptures, installation-style lighting, and an eclectic mix of modern art tie together a gallery-white room flooded with natural light. A bold fireplace anchors the space in a pleasing sandstone tone that adds warmth to flooring and wood accents. Bench-style sofas invite guests to sit and soak in the inspiration in this curated penthouse home.

Neutral Nickel and Sea Blues

Alys Beach, Florida | Mary Alice Johnson & LuAnn BrownScenic Sotheby’s International Realty

Grecian sea-blue tones weave through this three-story Floridian home, done up in an luxe-but-neutral nickel throughout. Shell-inspired art, shades of sand, and reflective surfaces nod to the beach with its sparkling shore and washed seaglass only steps away. Polished design choices give a high-end-hotel feel to an already inviting space.

Earthy Grays and Striking Art

Florence, Italy | Diletta Giorgolo SpinolaItaly Sotheby’s International Realty

Beautiful hardwood, a beamwork ceiling, and concrete-esque gray-toned walls create a down-to-earth atmosphere in this otherwise museo-styleliving room. Impressive art, sculptural vases, and a reflective hearth offset the relaxed profiles of inviting armchairs and sofas. Shuttered windows add old-world ambiance to this decidedly modern room in Florence.

Edgy Design and Loft Living

Sao Paulo, Brazil | Maria Clara TrancrediBossa Nova Sotheby’s International Realty

Expansive New York–style living gets a Brazilian twist in this brilliant São Paulo loft. This sprawling living room even turns a corner with extra seating, all tied together by thought-provoking art and sculptural furniture in bright and bold colous. An unapologetically graphic rug and skyline backdrop act as unlikely neutrals to tie the space together.

Graphic Neutrals and Natural Light

Prague, Czech Republic | Czech Republic Sotheby’s International Realty

Graphic minimalism may seem like a strange oxymoron, but it works throughout this Prague apartment. Black-and-white photography is complemented by illustrative wallpaper and a wash of natural light. Relaxed seating and furniture in a range of grays and charcoals let small but significant treasures on wall shelving sing.

These beautiful and bold living rooms make the most of time spent at home with inviting, inspiring, and surprising design details—designed to impress homeowners and guests alike.

Fulfill your own living room dreams with these designer properties, where you can find style to suit any taste.