According To GeekWire, The New Google Campus Will Transform The South Lake Union Neighborhood

By RSIR Staff |

As the architects behind Google’s proposed campus at South Lake Union prepare for their meeting with the Seattle Design Review Board tomorrow at 8pm, GeekWire writes that “New images show how Google’s Seattle campus will transform the South Lake Union neighborhood.” Nat Levy, upon viewing the recently released images, says “the tech giant will drive the next evolution of the South Lake Union neighborhood, right in Amazon’s backyard” with a design aesthetic that speaks to the walkability of the neighborhood and incorporates natural elements, as walls of windows meet greenery throughout.

So what does Google plan to build? The article describes that plans “include a pair of six-story office buildings with a combined 313,500 square feet of office space. Above one of the office buildings will be eight stories of apartments with 79 units.”

The designs awaiting approval are set to accompany already approved designs at Block 25W, a 14-story building between Fairview and Boren, “with six stories of office space totaling 145,600 square feet for Google and 69 apartments on the upper floors” in addition to Block 25E (on the same block as 25W), which “will have another six-story office building for Google.”

Levy adds that Google will sign a long-term lease between 14 and 16 years and that when “combined with Google’s recently expanded offices in Kirkland, Wash., the technology giant will be approaching 1 million square feet in the region with this new space.”

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