Bainbridge Island Art Walk | May 6, 2022

By Alyssa Morrison |

Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty is pleased to host a series of rotating artists for the monthly Bainbridge Island Art Walk at the “Island Living Gallery”. This month, we are proud to present featured artists Lindsay Peyton and Tessa Poag in partnership with Bruno B. Art Collectif, with live music from WEPA.

Lindsey Peyton

Lindsay Peyton originally from Houston, TX, paints evocative scenes and portraits, mostly using oil on canvas but also creating dramatic large-format works on arches paper, using either oils or charcoal and gesso. She earned a Bachelor of Journalism in Photo-Journalism from UofT in Austin, TX, and finds her work in visual art mirrors the storytelling she did as a photojournalist and reporter. Lindsay is drawn to the passage of time, exploration of place, and ever-presence of memory. View more →

Tessa Poag

Afternoons spent painting on her grandmother’s porch as child shaped artist Tessa Poag. This time nurtured the need for a daily expression that has turned into a lifelong devotion. Identifying the allure in people and places around us continues to drive Tessa’s painting practice. Confident in color choice and bold mark-making, her work aims to engage the keen eye we all have for beauty. View more →

WEPA! Is comprised of Malo Castro on Congas, Jaymes Dunlap on Bass, Joe Rice on Piano, and Ian Jones on Saxophone. Malo Castro, was twice voted “Best Percussionist” at the Kitsap County Music Awards, adding the Latin clave and spice to music ensembles throughout the Northwest. With authenticity and musicality, Malo is comfortable playing in musical settings from rock, to jazz to Latin and Brazilian music. Malo leads WEPA, a five-piece band, playing Latin Jazz-New York style. Learn more →