Clark Niemeyer Shares Buyers’ Most Coveted Design Features In ‘Inman’

By Alyssa Morrison |

In this competitive marketplace, somethings can be counted on, including the basics of what homebuyers are seeking. For sellers, there’s an opportunity in paying heed to the desires of the buyers, even when they’re out in droves. Creating a marketable, trend-inspired home will allow you to suss out the optimal offer.

RSIR Global Real Estate Advisor Clark Niemeyer

Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty global real estate advisor Clark Niemeyer shared his thoughts on what buyers are seeking in 2021 recently with Inman, providing his insights on two major themes: modularity and openness.

As buyers continue remote work in 2021, they need space that can transform into their office on the go, but that doesn’t need to be an office forever. Niemeyer suggests avoiding pigeon-holing a room into a home office or den. “There are many creative ways to achieve a dedicated workspace with under-utilized outdoor spaces. Some that I’ve seen include detached office sheds and gazebos.”

He also spoke to the necessity of openness. While some trend pieces have suggested that the open floor plan was canceled after 2020, he differs, emphasizing that clients are still looking for connection—a feeling that’s so important after the isolation many felt last year, and it can be achieved in borderless schemes. After all, nobody wants to be stuck in a box.

To achieve openness, Niemeyer suggests floor-to-ceiling windows, properly scaling furniture and decore, and allowing the kitchen to be as open as possible.

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