Meet CLAY, RSIR’s In-House Marketing Agency

By Emily Irby |

Formed by creatives, backed by years of industry experience, and fueled by a desire to do things differently, CLAY has emerged on the scene as an agency to watch. As Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty’s in-house marketing agency, CLAY has curated a talented team of individuals who are inspired to go beyond the tried and true and carve out a new space in the industry.

RSIR brokers are in a uniquely optimal position with the full power of CLAY right at their fingertips. The in-house nature of CLAY means that their services are always accessible, and the final product is perfectly personalized. CLAY works to understand each brand, strategize a unique approach to reach consumers, and craft stand-out marketing materials. But as diverse and evolving as their tools are, the fact that CLAY is always ready to assist their valued broker clients is unchanging.

For buyers and sellers alike, having a broker who is backed by the full strength of a stellar marketing team can make all the difference in the world. A home photographed by a professional who knows how to bring a property to life through the lens presents a seller’s listing in its best light. Compelling print and digital marketing materials grab buyers’ attention and create buzz. Industry savvy informs decisions on where and how to advertise a listing. All these pieces and more come together at CLAY so that expertise takes the reigns, and buyers and sellers can rest easy knowing their agent has CLAY’s full catalog of resources.

Keeping up with the fast-paced real estate market can prove demanding, and marketing a business successfully is a full-time job, so CLAY is trusted by clients to both brand and market their business, as well as specific campaigns. Whether a client is looking to reconceptualize their brand, expand their social media influence, or reach audiences through high-quality print or digital ads, CLAY’s industry experience in combination with their marketing expertise is a valuable asset to any broker. Their team has their finger on the pulse and knows how to best reach consumers because they understand the audience they’re creating for. Take a look at their website for a glimpse into some of the remarkable content they’re producing, high-profile brands they’ve worked with, or to just get a sense of what they’re all about.