Moira Holley Touts Seattle Innovation, Flexibility On Haute TV “Coast To Coast” Webinar

By Alyssa Morrison |

During the stay-at-home order brokers from Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty have been doing what many of the WFH (work from home) community have been doing—jumping on Zoom calls. Whether it’s company meetings, educational opportunities, or a virtual get-together with friends, these calls have helped keep us all company when we might otherwise have felt truly isolated.

For RSIR broker Moira Holley, one of her favorite webinars to join has been Haute Living’s “Haute TV”, daily at 11 am. Last week, Holley had at the opportunity to join one of Haute’s panels, along with four other leading real estate agents from across the country, to talk about how the response to COVID-19 has affected the real estate market, and what changes and trends they’ve been seeing as they work to help clients buy and sell homes in this “new normal.”

Joined by Brian Guiltinan in San Diego, Frank D. Isoldi in Westfield, New Jersey, and Devin Kay in South Florida, the quartet and host Erik Haase talked about how each market place had adapted to the various quarantine and stay-at-home orders in different parts of the country.

“We’re realizing how important lifestyle is,” said Isoldi, adding that when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo commented that the worst was behind them, he saw a surge of interested buyers.

Holley added that she’d seen similar interest in lifestyle changes for clients in the Pacific Northwest as well, with a renewed interest in larger properties with significant acreage, in-city double lots, or for condo-dwellers, how a terrace with a view offered additional importance during the stay-at-home order.

Her insight also reflected the complicated nature of working in the luxury real estate market during a time when many industries and businesses have been vulnerable to the economic impact of COVID-19. “When there are so many people who are unsheltered and they’re having challenges up and down the line, so it’s a difficult topic, even though it’s our livelihood. We’re all looking for the balance.”

For those still ready to dive into the market, however, living among the Puget Sound area’s tech industry has meant many have been able to quickly adapt to the challenges of the stay-at-home order. “I feel very comfortable with my iPhone and Facetime, just walking through a property, specifically with clients on the other end, having the ability to just shoot the video so they can take a quick look,” said Holley.

Not all of the adaptation has been about technology—the lending and appraising industries have proven to be flexible as well, according to Holley. “During the strictest time of stay-at-home, a lender allowed the seller to do walkthrough video for the appraisal. I think everyone is just becoming really nimble and I think we’re just going to go with the flow.”

For more of Moira Holley’s expertise, and to learn how other real estate markets are reacting and moving forward in response to COVID-19, you can watch the Haute TV panel in its entirety, below.