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By Alyssa Morrison |

Embrace Connection

Our homes are so much more than just a house. Over the last year, they’ve become everything—our office, the kids’ school, a restaurant, the gym, even the movie theater. At Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty, we understand the changes and challenges you’ve faced, and that there are still obstacles ahead. Where you live should meet the demands of you and your loved ones as they work, play, and live—all under the same roof. In this world, where it’s easy to feel so far apart from our friends and loved ones, it’s more important than ever to find ways to connect.

But what if your house doesn’t meet those demands? For some, the events of the past year are made even more exhausting because they may have felt confined to a home that’s not flexible for remote work and school and doesn’t provide space to relax, to separate from the 9-5 (or more) that’s overtaken daily life. If this is part of your struggle—you’re not alone. But if you are ready to see what else is out there, if there’s another place, a different community, and a different home that can meet, or exceed, your needs it’s time to start your search. Start here.

At Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty, we’ve invested in one of the most universal tools to help you start your real estate journey: our website. If you are ready to browse listings online, our comprehensive property search provides all of the available listings in the area and lets you narrow your criteria by property type, price point, location, and more. For those open to exploring a new zip code, we provide detailed neighborhood information to help you better understand that community. Ready to look at price points? Our market reports are simple to understand, and you can sign up for reports to be automatically emailed to you each month for the areas you’re interested in. Is now the time? Let us connect you to one of the consummate professionals that comprise our amazing team of  .

Across the Puget Sound, we’ve found that making connection starts at home. In your house and in your neighborhood, which is why our brokers must be local experts who live and work in the communities they serve. They will connect you with intelligent solutions to guide you from Day 1 of your real estate journey through closing and beyond. And with the power of, recognized as the REAL Trends Best overall Real Estate website, buyers and sellers benefit from our powerful home search, market data, community information, and more. With us, your real estate journey is in the hands of trusted experts.