Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty Broker Brian Hopper Featured On “Growing Your Wealth”

By RSIR Staff |

Hopper talks real estate and more with Brian Evans of Madrona Financial and Host Jeff Shade on 570 KVI News Radio

Over the weekend, Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty broker Brian Hopper was invited to join Brian Evans, CEO of Madrona Financial and leading finance guru on his radio show, Growing Your Wealth.  Hopper shares his insights in the guest blog below, outlining their discussion of downsizing trends, aging at home, the Seattle market, and steps to take to ensure top dollar for sellers.


4:00: Inflation – Does your retirement/financial plan account for inflation? It should if it does not. 3.1% is the number Brian Evans likes to use when accounting for inflation. Today’s inflation rate is 2%, which means that at this point in time, $20.56 today will be equivalent to $20.97 next year.

6:00: Brian Hopper Introduction – How do we measure growth in real estate? Historic averages at 4% or so, but some areas are currently seeing 12 to 14% increases, and homes in coveted communities such as Bellevue are garnering as much as $1,000+ per square foot.

9:10: Got the Job, Got the Car, But Need the House – Speaking to a loan officer/financial planner to help determine what you can afford versus what you should afford for a home is key. Start saving for a down payment now, because you will pay more in two years, so you have to get in at some point.

18:32: Buying Experience Story for Out-of-State Buyers; Seattle is a Bargain on the Gold Coast – Seattle is a steal compared to other West Coast gateway cities. If you have the cash to purchase a home, use it to get a lower price. A $750K golf course home with a water view just 20 minutes from downtown Seattle…is that possible?

27:55: Are We in Another Bubble? – With the diversity of employment here in the Pacific Northwest compared to other rising markets with a large tech sector, we are set to continue in a thriving economy as our Silicon Forest continues to grow.

34:30: DST’s – Tired of being a landlord? A DST keeps positive cash flow coming in without the hassle of being a “hands on” landlord.

36:15: Is it as Simple as Just Putting a Sign in the Ground? – No. To sell your home for top dollar, consider the “buyer benchmark” of new construction. Your home has to be clean, staged, and fully marketed with vivid photos and professional videography in order to garner top dollar in today’s market.

45:00: Shout Out to Brian’s Socks – Brian Evans, known for his socks, complimented Hopper’s fashion sense.

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