RSIR Brokers Learn Skills For Next Level Real Estate At Ninja Installation

By RSIR Staff |

Traveling from near and far, Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty brokers came together this July for Ninja Installation, a four-day to improve techniques and results for brokers’ real estate sales.

RSIR Director of Education Natalie Kelly praised the agents who participated, “Among the things that magnified the Sotheby’s International Realty brand were the people, everyone who pledged their time, held onto their commitment, and participated wholeheartedly and completed all four days of the training.”

Over the four days, brokers worked together, sometimes breaking into smaller groups, sometimes rehearsing situations, like the buyer process, as well as working together in the large group to learn over-arching themes. At the beginning of the week, much of the focus was on the broker – learning about the strategies to succeed, how the brain works, and about their personality type.

“The instructor, Ryan Secrest, was one of the most charismatic, involving and connected presenters I’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting,” says Kelly.

Secrest helped brokers take the information they learned about themselves and helped them focus on how to better communicate with their clients. The program emphasized a client-centric approach including learning about body language and how to read personalities.

As the week progressed, so did conversations and workshopping around business plans, case studies, and how to set up clients to successfully sell their homes. On the final day, agents studied the buyer process, rehearing it along with an open house. Agents learned negotiating skills, reviewing the “Ninja Path” to success.

A successful week of learning was capped off with a thoughtful commencement speech and toast to everyone’s dedication and accomplishments over the week.