The Power Of Places | A Newfound Clarity Emerges At Work And At Home

By Kelly Mann |
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We’ve all heard the phrase “location, location, location”the original meaning was one special spot, one choice that perfectly embodied where you want to live.  In 2023 and beyond, we now find new meaning in this classic real estate adageit means finding the places that enable you to fulfill your vision for your life, and this increasingly means multiple locations that offer distinctly different experiences.

Uncertainties exist at national and global levels, including heightened financing costs, inflation challenges, and global unrest. Yet at the same time, we are benefitting from newfound clarity because of a global experiment in what works at work—when we need to be with professional colleagues and what environments enable us to be the most productive contributors.

In fact, three years after our remote-work experiment began, employers are communicating clear expectations regarding how many days teams should be in the office moving forward. For instance, Amazon’s Andy Jassy recently announced that employees must work in person at least three days per week, with few exceptions. In his blog post, Jassy emphasized the advantages of working from the office, such as strengthening the company’s culture, promoting better collaboration, and improving team connectivity. Whether we lead our own organization or work for a small or large employer, we now know what locations produce the highest quality work. Also, many of us make a distinction among tasks; in-person collaboration facilitates creative brainstorming and other team activities while writing code or drafting a proposal lend themselves to a quiet space without distractions.

We also have clarity about what specific living environments enable us to live our best lives, spend time with the people we care about, and have access to activities, locations, adventures, and experiences that have meaning to us.

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This clarity has fueled recognition of the important things in life—more time with friends and family, access to vibrant cities and cultures, the value of disconnecting and recharging, and tapping into reflection and inspiration that sometimes only nature can provide. The flight to quality has never been more true—quality time at the office, and the quality of our own experiences.

Kelly Mann is a Global Real Estate Advisor with Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty and Land Use Lawyer. She contributed to New Urbanism Meets A New Paradigm in the 2023 Forecast Report.

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