Veteran Chef Adrian Lopez Plans To Open New Bistro And Event Venue In Historic Main Street In Bellevue

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Dynamic Establishment Called “Jocovine” Targets Opening by Summer 2024 in Flagship Brokerage Operation.


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Executives from Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty (RSIR) and restauranteur Adrian Lopez have announced the signing of a sublease agreement to operate a dynamic bistro and events venue to be known as “Jocovine” by summer 2024. The prime retail location at 10237 Main Street in Bellevue’s historic “Old Main Street” district is the newest addition to this robust retail and lifestyle neighborhood favored by pedestrians and locals but also as a destination entertainment district in the making, says promoters. The much-anticipated eatery also fronts the flagship Bellevue Branch Office of RSIR, and it promises to activate this next generation realty in a new, post pandemic era.

“We couldn’t be more excited to align with Adrian Lopez as he and his family executes a shared vision for a vibrant food and beverage operation that fronts our real estate brokerage;” said Dean Jones, President, and CEO. “He makes this all so personal with a focus on high quality and hospitality, and that is how we choose to be at our company. I am confident we have found our path forward to activate this featured retail space as well as run our events business interests.”

Jones refers to the flexible gathering spaces behind the retail storefront, which offers private meeting rooms and lounge spaces, or can be opened up for grander events across the entire 3,600-sq. ft. main level venue. Whether it is a professional presentation for just a few clients or a bespoke private event for scores of guests, the Jocovine venue bridges the divide between the unavailability and limited size of private dining rooms in restaurants and the over scaled ballrooms or depersonalized meeting rooms in hotels.

“This is the right move for me and for my family professionally, but this venue will also help us to better serve our clients,” said Lopez. “I have been very fond of this building and admired the operations sought by Dean and the RSIR agents, so I am proud to be their choice in the operations of this extraordinary venue while attracting existing and new guests. I am passionate about my legacy and purposeful in what experiences we will bring to our valued clientele.”

Lopez named the bistro and events venue Jocovine, which is a hybrid word he created from his hometown outside Mexico City called Jocotitlan or “Joco” for short while merging his sommelier status and love of wine for “vine.” While the menu will include some hometown favorites for flavor and techniques, Lopez confirms Jocovine will be international cuisine with more European bistro styling versus Mexican fare or motif, which he already offers at Adrian’s nearby.

“Jocovine will be a novel experience and we are programming an inspired, world-class menu alongside my Executive Chef, Francisco Bautista, who has followed me from our days at Carmine’s and then Adrian’s,” adds Lopez. “The overall environment will be relaxed and welcoming with interior design touches and the kind of customer service that comes from the heart. We are a family; it is in our DNA.”

Jocovine will undergo renovations immediately including a new bar and installation of personal wine lockers that can be leased annually and hold patron’s collection for enjoyment instore, according to Adrian’s daughter, Andrea Lopez, who is appointed to Jocovine’s General Manager. She aid new furnishings and signature chandeliers are also going to be showstoppers, as will a signature interior tree that is as old as the historic building itself.

“I am in Los Angeles right now to meet with an exotic interiors group that has preserved a century old Manzanita tree that will become a centerpiece within Jocovine, “notes Lopez. “It’s just beautiful and speaks to me as the symbol for our roots and branches in this community, bearing fruit for harvest and nurturing – the Tree of Life.”

Lopez is convinced there is ample market opportunity for a full-service bistro and live music venue on Old Main Street, and Jones concurs, believing it is also critical to program the experiences sought by his agents and their clients. Other Main Street operators welcome Jocovine to the neighborhood.

“They’re going to be very successful; this is a tremendous opportunity for both Adrian and Dean to combine their efforts,” said Claire Sumadiwirya, the Founder of Bellden Café on Main Street, which was voted “Nicest Place in Washington” by Reader’s Digest. “I have had the opportunity to consult with Dean in his search for the food and beverage operator for this enterprise, and I am excited by this evolution. Given Adrian’s dedication and experience, coupled with Dean’s global strategy for building a community, Jocovine will become the inviting living room for Bellevue residents seek for food, drinks, and experiences.”

The food and beverage program, as well as valet parking and the opportunity for dedicated events, are the kind of advantages that RSIR seeks as the top producing brokers continues to evolve and thrive through the market headwinds in residential real estate. The firm has recently announced new initiatives to build culture, community, and connections as its leadership and agents welcome new members to its family.

“In addition to the retail storefront at Jocvine, we are curating a living room environment for our team that is open to the public to mix and mingle – a place to do business, celebrate and be together,” concludes Jones. “We are blessed to have such an ideal location, with the right brand, with the right team, and at the right time to realize this vision.”

About Adrian Lopez

Drawing upon more than three decades of experience in restaurants and hospitality, Adrian Lopez has worked in pivotal roles ten establishments including Capitol Grill, Tulio’s Ristorante, The Columbia Tower Club, and Terrazzo Carmine’s in Seattle, and he opened and managed Carmine’s in downtown Bellevue for nearly a decade. In 2022, he opened his namesake restaurant and Tequila bar Adrian’s, and quickly earned a reputation for fine dining and lively events. His customers provide his restaurant top ratings on Yelp reviews and Seattle Met Magazine noted the establishment among the Best Restaurants in Bellevue.