Wanderlust | Why You Should Purchase A Property Outside City Limits

By RSIR Staff |

Sometimes, it takes living on the edge to cultivate absolute calm. It’s often the elusive, off-the-beaten-path locations—those involving a helicopter landing, ferry ride, or seaplane—that are most worth visiting. From palatial villas in the South Pacific to far-flung sanctuaries in the South of France, these homes are worth the effort of pushing past city limits.

Rural Québec

Marie-Piers Barsalou & Johanne Meunier, Sotheby’s International Realty Québec

For many, the countryside offers the perfect antithesis to city life: clean air, open country markets, and fresh food. For a home located only an hour from Canada’s cultural capital, this Frelighsburg, Québec home feels exceedingly remote. Located in a municipality of only 1,000 residents, its massive sprawl covers 209 bucolic acres of wilderness. It’s easy to envision summer days on this property’s private lake or skating in the frozen paradise that is the Canadian winter.

Tasman Wilderness

Alex Choma & Ian Keightley, New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty

There’s much to be said for a magnificent vista. Breathtaking views take center stage at Westhaven Retreat, a rural lodge boasting stunning vistas of the craggy peaks and glittering bays of the New Zealand coast, with a position so supremely remote that it feels like the edge of the earth. From sweeping hillsides covered in ancient flora to commanding panoramas of rugged cliffs jutting out into the Tasman Sea, the property’s 813 acres of private land offer plenty of places to take in the view, and hiking (or tramping, as the Kiwis call it) is sure to become your preferred method of discovering them all.

Exceptional Jalisco

Monterrey Sotheby’s International Realty

When the daily hustle becomes too much, thankfully, there’s Mexico. This 19-bedroom multi-villa estate in Jalisco is the perfect private escape, commercial enterprise, or mix of both. A prime location with 68 acres of direct ocean frontage, this tranquil getaway leaves open the opportunity for adding to its existing guest houses: consisting of a main house, two sea-view villas, and six cottages, the parcel offers endless connection to the Pacific. For the explorer, the nearby Islas Cocinas are perfect for snorkeling, while the estate itself boasts an eclectic range of unique amenities including an authentic chapel, a tennis court, and a soccer field that can alternatively be utilized as a heliport.

Coastal Corsica

Frédéric Olivieri, Propriétés Corses Sotheby’s International Realty

If you’re looking for a South of France home with a distinctly Mediterranean flair, this Corsican retreat may just be your ideal escape. Once ruled by Pisa and then by rival Genoa, the island retains much of its Italian history. Presenting an understated red cedar exterior to blend with the rolling terrain, this indoor/outdoor home takes full advantage of the surrounding terroir. Traverse seven acres of private grounds, swim in the turquoise waters, or sunbathe by the pool overlooking the Mediterranean. After working up an appetite, work your way through the island’s unique culinary scene with its mix of French and Italian influences.

Ultimate Zen in Little Dix Bay

Maritha Keil, British Virgin Islands Sotheby’s International Realty

Nestled into the edge of an ocean-facing escarpment, you won’t easily find a direct flight to this Asian-influenced, sustainably-minded residence—and that’s precisely the point. The further the locale, the easier it can be to leave behind the stressors of daily life, and that couldn’t be more true than in the British Virgin Islands. Designed by award-winning architecture firm OBMI Architects, whose portfolio includes the St. Regis and Ritz-Carlton hotels, every detail of this sprawling sanctuary is considered. From the restorative views of the brilliant blue Carribbean to the healing properties of lush gardens and bamboo groves, each element is designed to facilitate the utmost in relaxation.

Sometimes it takes a truly unique destination to justify getting away for a while. Whether it’s for relaxation or adventure, these homes offer the perfect opportunity to leave the city behind.

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