What Makes Seattle A Great City For Seniors?

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We love everything about Seattle and think people of all ages can find unique homes in welcoming neighborhoods here, but what about seniors looking for a retirement property? The Emerald City’s amenities and services for seniors are just some of the reasons this area is an ideal location for your golden years. We’ve put together some relevant facts seniors should consider when deciding whether or not to retire in Seattle.

Seattle is a king among cities when it comes to public transport, and seniors can definitely reap the rewards of this win. You can walk many of Seattle’s neighborhoods, but when you need to get further than a few blocks away, you can ride on a boat, streetcar, train or bus. Public transportation options can carry seniors throughout the city and even to some outlying areas, and if you take buses or trains in the Puget Sound area, you can save on discounted fares if you’re 65 or older. Discounts are also available for the streetcars, Washington State Ferries or King County Water Taxi (a favorite among local residents).

Seattle has numerous amenities, allowing seniors to stay active and engaged throughout retirement. Most people know about the Space Needle, but seniors can get discounted admission to attractions such as the Burke Museum of Natural History, EMP Museum or The Museum of Flight. Those who like to entertain their grandchildren can take advantage of free admission to the Seattle Children’s Museum.

Budgetary concerns might appear to be a challenge for senior house hunters in Seattle, as median home prices are higher than the averages for the state and nation. But affordable options are still available throughout the city, and we can help you find them. Plus, a few tax breaks can help you maneuver retirement income to cover the cost of a monthly mortgage payment with money to spare. Since Washington state doesn’t charge an income tax, you don’t have to worry about that hit each year. Seniors who are disabled or qualify based on income can also save on King County’s property tax, making any home more affordable.

One of our favorite brags about Seattle is the sheer number of cultural options you have when selecting a neighborhood. Opt for an area such as Ballard, where you can walk to numerous dining establishments, shops, and grocery stores. If cozy, boutique neighborhoods aren’t your style, Seattle has plenty of other options, including areas near green spaces or suburban, sidewalk-lined paradises. Retirees who want to hedge their bets with health care can find Seattle neighborhoods that are home to leading hospitals. The University of Washington Medical Center has doctors on staff that specialize in niches including geriatrics and oncology, making the University District a great choice for those who want easy access to care for chronic conditions. Downtown, seniors will find Virginia Mason Seattle Medical Center, which provides high-quality emergency and preventative medicine.

Once you tell us what type of neighborhood you want to live in, we can help you find a home there to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. We recommend seniors look at single-level homes with wide halls and doorways, because those are properties that will support accessibility and mobility whether you’re nimble on your toes or whipping about in a wheelchair. Other specifics seniors might look for include newer homes that won’t require a lot of repair or upkeep, walk-in showers and safety features such as tub rails. Seniors who are downsizing in Seattle can also consider one of the city’s many assisted living communities for active, safe retirement living.