Stacy Jones Joins The Jere Metcalf Podcast To Discuss Real Estate Success

By RSIR Staff |

On January 11th, Stacy Jones, Owner & Vice President of Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty, joined the Jere Metcalf Podcast, where real estate agents and executives from around the network share their insights and tools for success. Jones spoke on the ways that she helps her firm’s brokers grow, from personalized branding and encouraging them to act as the CEO of their own business, to taking risks and establishing themselves as a resource that extends far beyond the industry.

Jones, who started in consumer marketing, described her transition into new developments, as she found success in implementing consumer-driven processes to projects and bringing sales teams on earlier in the process to enact a deeper connection between the sales representative, vision, amenities and marketing. Though Seattle has seen few multi-family housing units for sale in the past decade, Jones says more growth is on the horizon, with approximately $2 billion in projects expected over the next 18 months, approximately half of which will be represented by Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty.

When asked about her ability to cultivate agents and help them elevate their businesses, Jones tells Metcalf that it comes down to standing out, investing in yourself, and being willing to take risks. “Brokers that are hitting it are willing to take risks such as unique branding and investing in out-of-the-box marketing,” she said. Jones touched on a few of her brokers that have done just that, from Phil Greely’s launch of the Seattle School Guide to Becky Gray and Moira Holley’s community leader roundtables.

The hour came to a close as Jones outlined a few of the firm’s recent initiatives including the launch of a new CRM program and refining the brand’s message to better support the brokers. When Metcalf asked her to recommend a “must-read” book, Jones pointed to “Better Together: 8 Ways Working with Women Leads to Extraordinary Products and Profits” a new release by Jonathan Sposato of GeekWire.

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