Leadership & Staff

Our culture at Realogics Sotheby's International Realty is built upon breaking through the status quo to create new conversations for brokers within the market it serves and fostering a progressive culture to cultivate change.

Principal & Owner

Dean Jones

Recognized as the marketing strategist behind many of the Pacific Northwest's most respected real estate projects over the past 20 years, Dean Jones applies his executive skills to the region's global real estate brokerage Realogics Sotheby's International Realty as Owner & CEO. As a former developer, his firm T. Jones, Inc. was honored nationally with "Development Firm of the Year" by the Pillars of Industry in 2001 and Dean was named "Marketing Director of the Year" in 2003 by the National Association of Home Builders.

The Power of a Team

As one of the most respected and successful real estate firms in the Pacific Northwest, we take pride in our leadership team's commitment to integrity, professionalism and exceptional service. We are dedicated to ensuring that all team members and brokers share in our vision.


Executive Leaders

Stacia Smith Stacia Smith

Stacia Smith

Chief Sales Officer | Designated Broker

Andrea Savage Andrea Savage

Andrea Savage

Chief Marketing Officer

Natalie Kelly Natalie Kelly

Natalie Kelly

VP of Learning & Development

Kevin Walsh Kevin Walsh

Kevin Walsh


Tadashi Shiga Tadashi Shiga

Tadashi Shiga

Executive Director of Land Division


Branch Managers

Carl Sussman Carl Sussman

Carl Sussman

Assistant Branch Manager | Managing Broker

John Madrid John Madrid

John Madrid

Managing Broker | Assistant Branch Manager

Denise Seavitt Denise Seavitt

Denise Seavitt

Broker | Mercer Island & Madison Park Branch Manager

Marie Abbruzza Marie Abbruzza

Marie Abbruzza

Managing Broker

Shannon Olcese Shannon Olcese

Shannon Olcese

Kirkland Branch Manager | Managing Broker

Tim McCanta Tim McCanta

Tim McCanta

Eastside Senior Branch Manager | Managing Broker

Kevin Pearson Kevin Pearson

Kevin Pearson

Westside Senior Branch Managers | Managing Broker


Broker Support

Samantha Wallace Samantha Wallace

Samantha Wallace

Onboarding & Training Specialist

Marilyn Turner Marilyn Turner

Marilyn Turner

Bainbridge Island Office Manager

Shelley Cribby Shelley Cribby

Shelley Cribby

Broker Care Director | Eastside Office Manager

Alyssa Jacobs Alyssa Jacobs

Alyssa Jacobs

Broker Care Concierge

Stefanie North Stefanie North

Stefanie North

Bellevue Office Manager

Shelagh Englert Shelagh Englert

Shelagh Englert

Bainbridge Island Broker Care

Star Lalario Star Lalario

Star Lalario

Director of Talent Acquisition

Molly Merrick Molly Merrick

Molly Merrick

Belltown Office Manager

Ashley Moran Ashley Moran

Ashley Moran

Admin Assistant, Admin Coordinator, Listing Coordinator

Alaun McCray Alaun McCray

Alaun McCray

Madison Park Office Manager



Elizabeth Ekstrom Elizabeth Ekstrom

Elizabeth Ekstrom

Senior Designer | CLAY

Jack Bethke Jack Bethke

Jack Bethke

Digital Marketing Specialist | CLAY

Chris Fox Chris Fox

Chris Fox

Digital Designer | CLAY

Jessica Peterson Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson

VP of Marketing

Alyssa Westby Alyssa Westby

Alyssa Westby

Senior Client Services Associate, Executive Club

Amanda Lybeck Amanda Lybeck

Amanda Lybeck

Client Services Manager

Madeline O'Brien Madeline O'Brien

Madeline O'Brien

Senior Designer | CLAY

Sophia Fiat Sophia Fiat

Sophia Fiat

Digital Marketing Specialist | CLAY

Rachel Dickinson Rachel Dickinson

Rachel Dickinson

Client Services Coordinator | CLAY

Alyssa Morrison Alyssa Morrison

Alyssa Morrison

Marketing Communications Specialist

Ryan Ackley Ryan Ackley

Ryan Ackley

Graphic Designer | CLAY

Brittany Smith Brittany Smith

Brittany Smith

Client Services Associate, Executive Club

Kayla Iwakami Kayla Iwakami

Kayla Iwakami

Digital Marketing Specialist | CLAY

Ryan Lybeck Ryan Lybeck

Ryan Lybeck

Brand Manager

Alexia Brown Alexia Brown

Alexia Brown

Broker Experience Associate

Kate Alexander Kate Alexander

Kate Alexander

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist | CLAY

Jason Woodill Jason Woodill

Jason Woodill

Visual Designer

Emma Slaton Emma Slaton

Emma Slaton

Client Services Associate, Executive Club

Taehlor Crim Taehlor Crim

Taehlor Crim

Digital Marketing Manager | CLAY

Kelley Schaefer-Levi Kelley Schaefer-Levi

Kelley Schaefer-Levi

Inside Sales & Marketing Associate

Emily Irby Emily Irby

Emily Irby

Copywriter | CLAY



Danielle Terry Danielle Terry

Danielle Terry

Senior Commissions and Compliance Specialist

Nathan Mueller Nathan Mueller

Nathan Mueller

Senior Commissions Accountant

Megan Ackerlund Megan Ackerlund

Megan Ackerlund

Transaction Coordinator | Broker

Gabriella Stwart Gabriella Stwart

Gabriella Stwart

Transaction Coordinator

Megan Toth Megan Toth

Megan Toth

Transaction Coordinator

Brandy Marsee Brandy Marsee

Brandy Marsee

Senior Commissions Accountant

Amy B Howard Amy B Howard

Amy B Howard


Toni Griffin Toni Griffin

Toni Griffin

Transaction Coordinator

Ling Weaver Ling Weaver

Ling Weaver

Human Resources Manager


Special Projects + New Development Marketing

Jessica Kameron Jessica Kameron

Jessica Kameron

New Developments Director of Operations

Toan Chu Toan Chu

Toan Chu

Content Designer | CLAY

Sarah Del Moral Sarah Del Moral

Sarah Del Moral

New Developments Project Manager

Ashley Volpe Ashley Volpe

Ashley Volpe

New Developments Project Manager

Melissa Camp Melissa Camp

Melissa Camp

Senior Global Real Estate Broker | Strategic Advisory Council - New Developments

Lane Tollefsen Lane Tollefsen

Lane Tollefsen

Creative Director | CLAY

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