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Ev Winningham and Kimberleigh King are Senior Global Real Estate Advisors with Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty and are one of the most successful broker teams with over four decades of combined experience. They are ranked among the top 5% of all realtors nationwide and both have earned the distinction of Presidents Elite and Five-Star awards. WinninghamKing & Associates has been responsible for the sale of some of the area’s most unique and extraordinary residences and, ultimately, their goal is to simplify the home buying and selling process so their clients can relax and focus on living. 

    • 6+ Years in Business
    • 15 Transactions Last Year
    • $915K Avg Sales Price
    * Agent highlights are based on historical Northwest MLS inventory data and may not reflect this agent's entire sales history.



    My Neighborhoods



    • Price Range: $248K - $8.9M
    • Avg. Sales Price : $1.2M



    • Price Range: $85K - $16.5M
    • Avg. Sales Price : $1.4M

    Kirkland Waterfront

    Kirkland Waterfront

    • Price Range: $650K - $8.9M
    • Avg. Sales Price : $2.7M


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