A Real Estate Chain Reaction

By Alyssa Morrison |
Three years ago, a couple purchased a beautiful waterfront penthouse under the advisement of Marianne Francis. Six Sotheby’s agents later and three closed home sales, a chain reaction has proved the indelibility of the Sotheby’s International Realty network.

At the beginning of our story, you should know this …

The people you meet, the network you form, and those you welcome into your life can play a huge part it in its happy ending. And that’s true in real estate, too. At Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty (RSIR), the connections our brokers make, both with each other, whether they work out of the same office or across the region, along with the referrals and relationships our global real estate advisors build across the country and around the globe—assure their clients they’ll be taken care of, no matter where their real estate journey takes them.

Let’s watch the dominos fall into place …

Three years ago, Group One Sotheby’s International Realty global real estate advisors Joan Roberts and Judy Arnt of Boise referred a couple who were looking to buy a uniquely Washington property to RSIR global real estate advisor Marianne Francis. Marianne discovered and presented the ideal Bremerton waterfront penthouse that checked all their boxes. Walls of windows showcased marina and mountain views. The location and the price were perfect. Marianne helped them close the purchase and they made it their own.

This spring, the couple was ready to make a move back to Boise, and bid farewell to their waterfront address. Marianne referred her clients back to Joan at Group One SIR, who found them an ideal situation—a new development called Crescent Rim, represented by Group One SIR real estate advisor Tyler Gilman. But to close on their new home, they first had to close the sale of their Bremerton residence.

Meanwhile, north of Marianne and her clients in Kitsap County, RSIR Global Real Estate Advisor Mark Middleton was listing a Poulsbo home created by architect Roger Katz. The masterpiece residence was surrounded by spectacular gardens and inside the 2,948 square foot home, a dramatic interior evoked extraordinary living. However, the sellers were ready to smart-size: They wanted a home that still relished in the features that made Kitsap so special but without the yard maintenance of a single-family home.

So, they found a home that was perfect for them—a Bremerton waterfront penthouse listed by Marianne, whose owners were moving back to Boise. But, like Marianne’s clients, Mark’s clients first needed to complete the sale of their Poulsbo address. RSIR Global Real Estate Advisor Lars Sikes’ clients were thrilled about the Katz-designed home and ready to make their offer—and now all of the dominoes were lined up.

Collaboration & Success

To make an offer contingent on the sale of your home can be an uncertain, sometimes nerve-wracking experience. For buyers and sellers who find themselves in this position, they are held to others’ abilities and obstacles. That’s why representation by a broker who understands the market, the nuances, and how to navigate complicated transactions is so important.

Mark Middleton, who found himself at the center of these domino home sales, was key with his straightforward communication. “I wanted to ensure that the goals of my clients were met. By working with Lars to close the sale of my clients’ Poulsbo home, and then with Marianne, who so graciously helped her clients through a similar contingency, and keeping all lines of communication open, we were able to successfully complete these transactions, and everything fell into place. It wasn’t always easy, but that’s why our job is so important, and why it’s wonderful to work alongside my fellow Realogics SIR colleagues in these situations.”

For Lars, handling a nuanced transaction is certainly second nature, but to work alongside his Sotheby’s colleagues to get it across the finish line alleviated pressure points that can sometimes arise.

“Being a part of a chain reaction like this is great. I’m so pleased that we navigated needs, contracts, and everything necessary for all of our clients to meet their goals,” said Lars.

And while six Sotheby’s International Realty agents were a part of this chain reaction, let’s not forget where this started—the Sotheby’s International Realty referral network. The global real estate advisors with Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty are connected to a global team of 24,000 brokers in 75 countries and territories around the world. They meet, form relationships, and build trust, allowing them to help their clients whether their next home is around the corner or across the world. And that’s exactly what Marianne did—she and Joan at Group One SIR are great friends and colleagues, and they knew each would be able to help their clients achieve their real estate goals, whether they were in Washington or Idaho.

“The connections we make both at Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty, and across the network have allowed me to serve my clients and grow my business like no other brokerage can offer,” said Marianne. “I’m so grateful for the friendship and trust Joan and I have in each other, that we were able to make these transactions work across state lines, and that we can ensure our clients are satisfied, no matter where they end up calling home.”

Since the first referral, Judy retired from real estate to the sunshine of Arizona but took note of how referrals and the consummate professionalism of her former colleagues made sure her former clients were always taken care of, and she truly appreciates that. “The contingent transactions were seamless, with minor obstacles handled swiftly. I had no worries that everything would come together knowing that Sotheby’s agents were involved in all of the transactions. It was a real pleasure to have this all work out so well.”

Congratulations to Marianne, Mark, and Lars, at Realogics SIR, and to Joan, Judy, and Tyler at Group One SIR! We’re thrilled for you and your clients!