Curbed Seattle: Now Here’s A Victorian Home To Invest In

By Amanda Lybeck |

This week, Sean Keeley from Curbed Seattle took the time to describe Historic Victorian Mansion, a stunning property co-listed by RSIR brokers Meg Burkett and Dennis Paige.

Victorian Mansion

Keeley describes the history of the name of the home, which he writes, “was named the Captain John Quincy Adams House but the sixth President of the United States never lived there. Built in 1889 by Albert C. Adams, it’s named for his father, Captain John Quincy Adams, who was in fact a descendant of the Presidential family with the same surname. This John Quincy Adams served in the Union Army during the Civil War, later settling in Port Townsend to run a confectionary store until his death in 1896.” Given the rich history and ability for the home to stand the test of time, Keeley says that ultimately, Historic Victorian Mansion is “a heck of an investment opportunity with a lot of potential for whatever comes next.”

Historic Victorian Mansion